Word Collector

As a writer, words are my tools.  I naturally gravitate towards simple, straightforward prose, but I’m always on the lookout for more tools to use.  God forbid if someone uses a word I don’t know the meaning of, it’s like a kick in the teeth, but I don’t tend to forget it once I’ve had my writer’s ego bruised. ( Grr.  Clever buggers.)  Unusual words have caused arguments too, and  whether or not the words actually exist.  (Thank God for the Google Gods for sorting out those arguments, dictionaries are heavy to carry around).

Yes, I am a logophile.  A lover of words.

I collect them, storing them in files, backs of notebooks, and Pinterest boards.  I get a’ word of the day’ from dictionary.com and oxford dictionaries.com, which I read with interest – is it a new one for me, or one I’d forgotten all about.
Pinterest pop a few up on my first view page every time I log in, and I save the ones I like the sound of.

It’s not necessary or even desirable to write or talk using ‘big’ or clever words.  But words are often beautiful or even loads of fun.  Sometimes you realise there is a word too for, you know, that thingamabob.

Whatever you do though, don’t allow a cantankerous ultracrepidarian to bumfuzzle or discombobulate you.  Chances are they’re probably a clatterfart too, and whatever they say is utter piffle.
So instead of wallowing in your logy, take a coddiwomple under brumous skies, and breathe in the petrichor on the way to your querencia.

Really.  What a load of flumadiddle!

And if you didn’t understand what on earth I was going on about, here are the meanings below, courtesy of:



If you too are logophiles, I’d love to hear what your favourite words are.  Just leave them in the comment section below!

Thank you for reading!







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