Word Collector

As a writer, words are my tools.  I naturally gravitate towards simple, straightforward prose, but I’m always on the lookout for more tools to use.  God forbid if someone uses a word I don’t know the meaning of, it’s like a kick in the teeth, but I don’t tend to forget it once I’ve had my writer’s ego bruised. ( Grr.  Clever buggers.)  Unusual words have caused arguments too, and  whether or not the words actually exist.  (Thank God for the Google Gods for sorting out those arguments, dictionaries are heavy to carry around).

Yes, I am a logophile.  A lover of words. Continue reading

Sound or Silence: Music and Writing

Kurt Vonnegut listened to jazz when writing, Stephanie Meyer to Muse, and Stephen King writes to Metallica and Anthrax.  The Beatles are quoted as listened to by every novel writer from J K Rowling, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and Salman Rushdie.
Conversely, Philip Pullman says that music ‘disrupts the rhythm’ of his writing, and Nathan Englander wears earplugs when writing to drown out any noise at all.  To listen or not to listen, that is the question. Continue reading

My Breton Addiction

I love Breton stripes.  A mainstay of fashion, unisex, and gender free!
I have a drawer full of these stripy tops (I even do a ‘Breton’ wash), as well as having a Breton clutch bag, and a Breton laundry hamper.  There’s some wallpaper out there too that I’ve got my beady eye on.  I definitely have a bit of an addiction to this simple stripe – one part colour, to three parts white, or vice versa.

So, where did the Breton top come from? Continue reading